Library Services

Birla Public School library has a vast variety of books to enhance reading habits in children. Classes I & II practice classroom reading. The library provides 30 books to each class in the library period and children read and exchange the books. The class teacher maintains the books and monitors the class.

Junior Library

Classes III & IV come to the library with their class teacher weekly once. They have a separate section and according to their taste, students can choose any book.

Middle School Library

Classes V to IX have a separate section which covers all the subjects. Students can borrow any book except reference books. Book reviews are written and submitted to the English teachers.

Senior Library

Senior students have a special section with all the subject books, question banks and reference books. Children can borrow during break time and also whenever they are free.

The library provides CAS (Current Awareness Service) and RRS (Ready Reference Service) to the children with the help of internet to guide them for their projects and special assignments.


BPS became the first Indian School to be granted permission to access Qatar National Library Online Resources

The staff of BPS is registered with the Qatar National Library and they can refer to the unlimited e-books available on the site. Students will soon be registered to have a full access to this network and thus enhance their reading skills with the help of this huge database of e-books.

Go to Destination Success in the homepage of this website......Click E-library under Resources!


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