The Birlas

Mr. Basant Kumar Birla, the youngest son of the legendary, Late Mr. Ghanshyam Das Birla and father of Late Mr. Aditya Vikram Birla, provides a fascinating link in the history of one of the renowned industrial houses in India and abroad.

The B. K. Birla family has long been associated with excellence in education. It strongly believes that investment in quality care and education for young minds represents a significant investment in the future well-being of our society. Over the years, it has built a wide network of educational institutions across India. These are managed by the B. K. Birla Group. They offer a wide variety of academic courses, which blend Indian cultural values with modern teaching methods, to impart a very high standard of education. The group spins on an axis driven by excellence, not just on conventional understanding but also on the corporation's social, environmental, political and ethical contributions. It strives for perfection in all spheres of business and other activities. It is this new understanding, new vision and enlightened thinking that has made the group a leading international business and philanthropic house.

Mr. B. K. Birla is a great entrepreneur, successful industrialist, a noble man, a man with concern for the well-being of the citizens of the country and above all a great patriot. Along with Late Dr. (Mrs.) Sarala Birla, he has initiated many a noble ventures. She is an eminent educationist, has made immense contribution to the field of education in the last three decades. She is a woman of amicable disposition, great love for education and upbringing of children to achieve their overall growth.

Mrs. Birla takes serious and continued interests in the activities of various schools run by the Birla family and has effected many reforms and introduced several new programs for the holistic development of the students. She lays specific emphasis on the development of spiritual and cultural values. Their love for education can be felt in the number of Birla Schools all over India with which they and their family members are deeply associated.

The Birlas have jointly promoted education and have started Management schools to promote excellence in industries. They are associated with about 25 schools and also institutions of art and culture all over India catering to the needs of about 50,000 children, right from KG to Management Degree. In addition to this, they have educational institutions in all their (70 / 80) Industrial plants all over the world, where they provide free education.

And now this pioneering group has crossed the national boundaries for a strong continued foothold in international academics through BIRLA PUBLIC SCHOOL, DOHA, QATAR


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