Birla Public School, Doha is the offspring of a long cherished dream of the B.K. Birla Group of Schools to expand their mission of education to the expatriate Indians and others staying in the Gulf region. Already titans in the field of education beyond India. It was on 10th April, 2004 that the doyen of Indian Industries,
Dr. (Mrs.) Sarala Birla and Mr. B.K. Birla inaugurated the Birla Public School, Doha, and thus wrote a new chapter in the history of the Birlas.

It has to be affirmed that the Birla Philosophy of education has stood its ground and proved to the whole world that integrated development of both body and mind through a balanced curriculum should be the touchstone of any educational venture.In This regard,it is not only the mind of the child that is illumined at Birla Public School, but his body and spirit are enlightened so that he fits harmoniously into the society. A Birla student is someone who would stand out in the crowd, not just because he would excel in his vocation or his assigned role in life, but because he would shine as a beckon of hope in a wearied world. And hope alone would sustain the kaleidoscopic unfolding of life in the world. Today, as at no other time, the world stands in need of men and women who are great visionaries . When humanity is faced with the two demonic alternatives of coexistence or codestruction, don’t we need to pause and ponder? It is in this context that the Birla Philosophy of overall development of the child including inculcation of human values come to the fore and declares in unalloyed terms that tomorrow’s leaders; tomorrow’s citizens should be staunch believes in character building. And character building, as educational psychologists say, does not happen naturally but is a deliberate creation. The teachers at Birla Public School would impart to our students all round education which also lays thrust on inculcating human values. They instill a sense of wonder in their student – a sense of wonder at this unfathomable universe and the great phenomenon of humanity. This sense of awe and admiration of the universe will evolve our students into total persons.

We are engaged in our purpose to providing the best education field and in training a child to untether his rational faculty from the cause - effect
principle of this phenomenal world.

The Birlas have proved that industry and commerce could also be carried out keeping the principles of truthfulness and other such values in perspective.
The ambitious venture of Birla Public School will stand the test of time and would be the role model for all educational undertakings.

In the rat race of competitions, greed and artificiality, I wish and pray to behold truly competitive Birlites.

R.K. Dalmia
Governing Council Member


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