Our heartiest greetings to all people residing in Qatar, to the loving students, parents, Principal, teachers, staff members and the Management of the Birla Public School at Doha.

Education is a continuous and creative process. It releases latent capacities, develops analytical abilities, self-confidence, will power, goal setting competencies and instills the vision that will enable one to become a self motivating agent of social change, in serving the best interests of the community. We hope this aim of education will continue to occupy due importance in our lives and that this school will succeed in realizing these goals of education.

Providing education to children is the sincerest prayer to God and the greatest service to humanity – which equips them with spiritual, moral and human values.

Student life is the time of exploration and expansion. It is from the school that a child develops academic and numerous other interests. Students gain experiences, widen their horizon and learn not just about themselves but also about the community at large.

We wish success to you and hope that teachers with their dedication and commitment and the students with their zeal will achieve new heights and be worthy persons of whom the world can take pride.

The future is in front of you. We are sure that with the blessings of almighty and your effort, you will achieve success. We hope that you will have a very prosperous, useful and bright future and through you the flag of the school will always fly high.

Message from Mr. B.K. Birla and Dr.(Mrs.) Sarala Birla(Late).


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