Medical Facilities

For a healthy mind in a healthy body, our school provides appropriate facilities for complete health, which takes an incorporated view of all the three important aspects of a human being – body, mind and soul.

There is a well-resourced medical room which functions during the school hours. Very skilled professionals are in attendance to ensure all emergencies are treated with utmost care and attention.

The First-aid room provides

  • Staff nurse
  • Complete first aid facilities
  • Facility to refer to specific clinics as per consent of the child’s parents

In addition, medical check-ups and proper medical records of every student are maintained and helpful suggestions are provided to students and their parents for being fit, physically and mentally. Also, School has tie-up with several medical centers in Qatar, where our students can avail free check-ups.

Students are taught about the different aspects of Health. First-aid classes are conducted: lifestyle and diet management techniques are imparted to promote good health; stress management (aided with yoga and meditation) are taught and the significance of immunization are emphasized.


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