20 September 2018
20 September 2018
20 September 2018
20 September 2018


Streams offered


  1. English, Physics, Chemistry, Math and Biology
  2. English, Physics, Chemistry, Math and Optional subject(Engineering graphics, Informatics Practices, Computer Science, Physical Education)
  3. English, Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Optional subject(Math, Informatics Practices, Physical Education)


Requirement for Admission to Science Stream is minimum 70% for Birla Students.

Requirement for Admission to Commerce Stream is minimum 50% for Birla Students.

Lab Facilities:

The school has spacious well-equipped laboratories for about 30 students’ capacity for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Math, General Science, Electronics and Engineering graphics with state-of-the- art equipments to ensure the best in teaching aids. This provides hands-on-experience and helps in better understanding and retention of the subject.

Remedial Classes:

Extra Classes are arranged for the poor performers and slow learners, after the school hours.

The school places great importance in involving parents in the education process of their children.

Use of IT

The school has well-furnished class rooms with digitals boards having the latest software to provide students with first-hand experience of its varied applications and possibilities. Incorporating the use of modern multi-media technology, computer aided learning along with computer education adds a new dimension to the curriculum.                                                                           


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