20 September 2018
20 September 2018
20 September 2018
20 September 2018
20 September 2018
20 September 2018

Middle School – An Overview

The academic curriculum for the students is based on syllabi laid down by the reputed and universally accepted Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, India. The school focuses on individual learning ability. The pedagogy is built on proven methods and addresses holistic development of children. Classroom learning brings with its state of the art learning equipment and digital technology aids. The school provides well equipped laboratory, library, digital class rooms and well-resourced medical room with skilled professionals to ensure all emergencies are treated with utmost care. The classrooms are equipped with projector, interactive boards and high speed internet. The resource team and the teachers work together and get ready various audio-visual resources required for conducting the classes and teachers use these effectively.  Software from S. Chand and Harcourt gives additional boost to the teachers. The class rooms also have lockers for students to keep their books in order to avoid carrying heavy loads of books daily.


Admission is granted on the basis of an entrance examination conducted by the school. These entrance examinations are conducted well before the commencement of the new academic session. Offers for admissions are made on the basis of the results of these examinations and depends on the number of vacancies in each class.

The Strength

The middle school consists of classes 6 to 8. The middle school strength is roughly 1497.

Scheme of Subjects Offered

Well trained and qualified teachers teach the subjects in the middle school. All the subjects are compulsory and the only choice is in languages and Value education. The subjects offered are:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Social Science & Qatar History
  4. Science
  5. Second Language { Options: Arabic, Hindi, French, Malayalam, Tamil }
  6. Third Language { Options: Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, French, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu }
  7. Physical Education
  8. Art and Craft
  9. Value Education/Islamic Studies
  10. Work Experience
  11. General Knowledge
  12. Life skills


The progress of every child is evaluated through a system based on the CBSE assessment criteria. The continuous comprehensive assessment system is conducted in two terms. In each term, along with continuous assessment, there are two Formative Assessments and one Summative Assessment. The skills, aptitudes prescribed for each class level are evaluated effectively throughout the year. The constituents of the continuous assessment system focus on evaluating each child’s progress at the individual and collective levels. Results are announced promptly after each formative and summative assessment. Parents are briefed out on their wards academic and overall performance during the parents-teachers meeting held thrice in an academic year. Regular remediation is provided to the children after each & every formative assessment.


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